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Dear customer.

Our salon is open normally, by appointments. We are taking extra good care of hygiene and make sure we are healthy. Please take these things into consideration when visiting our salon:
Only visit when fully healthy and without any symptoms.
Be sure to reschedule your appointment if you notice any symptoms or know you are exposed.
Please take care of your hand hygiene when you come to visit.

Let´s all take care of each other, see you!


Welcome to STUDIO1a!

Here is the place to go, when you are looking for something trendy and hot.
Whether you prefer a classic look or you  just want to get rid of the split ends come to us.

From us at STUDIO1a you get all the barber and hairdresser services for men, women and children.
All our hairstylists are happy to serve you in English as well and are there to make your hair the hair of your dreams. We also have three make-up artists who are available to serve your needs.
We also provide hair-extensions made by various technics and of course we have quality products for sale to treat your hair.

For inspiration, please check out our Instagram and Facebook

When you have an idea of your dream hair we recommend you to bring a picture with you. We also recommend you to make an appointment by phone or internet (24/7) and STUDIO1a is very flexible on the opening hours. You will find yourself being pampered in the salon before you even notice.

Online booking 24/7

We are very flexible so please don’t hesitate to ask if these working times won’t fit into your schedule.
Appointments by phone or online booking, please!

Cancellation policy

We kindly ask you to inform us at least 24 hours beforehand, if you have to cancel your appointment and please inform us by phone. Otherwise we will not guarantee that the cancellation will reach us.  We will charge 75% from the price of the work if the appointment is not cancelled.

Questions and inquiries:

  • 09 642 460
  • appointments please by phone or on our internet reservation (witch is unfortunately in finnish for the time being..)

Children’s haircut

When coming to haircut please make sure your children’s hair is clean and recently washed, unless you have booked a special time for a hair wash in our salon. We kindly ask you to be on time or a few minutes early before your appointment. Precaution: Children at school or kindergarden age: parents are kindly asked to check the hair and scalp for head lice before coming in for a haircut. If there is a head lice problem in your family, we recommend that you visit the pharmacy and cancel your appointment by phone. You may book a new appointment after the problem has been resolved for two weeks. Thank you.

Our prices are based on

  • time used for the work
  • amount of products used
  • amount of professional work required

All prices include VAT 24%.
On Sundays and national holidays (for example Finland’s Independence Day 6.12 ) we have double prices.


Address: Ratakatu 1a, 00120 Helsinki
Phone: 09 642 460